About Our Store


Our biggest store yet, Leaf Café Macarthur Square has plenty to offer. From exquisite coffee and food to their very own gelato bar, it’s the best place to be.

Our Owners

David and Dan

David has been with the Leaf Café Family since 2011, where David worked as a cook at North Sydney. Dan jumped on board as Head Barista when the second Leaf Café was opened, and has been with the Family since 2012.

David and Dan are two kind hearted brothers who have been with the Leaf Café since the beginning. There’s always plenty of laughs when these two are around, always joking about who the better brother is and whether being older or younger is better. David currently has his hands full juggling work and his adorable baby daughter. On the other hand, Dan is busy juggling other things. Mainly coffee order and cups!

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